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Eagle Secure Shredding acquires Shred Doctor

Acquisition of Atlanta Mobile Shredding Company fuels growth .

NAID-ANZ Releases Secondhand Drive Study

NAID-ANZ Second Hand Hard Drive Study confirms earlier investigation conducted by ShredDisk .

Atlanta Shredding Company Completes Move to a Larger Facility

Eagle Secure Shredding offers both Scheduled and On Call Purge/Clean Out services. All document destruction comes with a certificate of destruction and a guarantee that the shredded paper will be delivered to the recycler within one business day,.

This is why you should shred old patient records!

Patient Records found blowing in the wind.

Hard Drive Shredding IS needed!

Watch this before you throw out your "wiped clean" computer Watch.

Tax Documents Found in Atlanta Dumpster

Winning At Compliance: 10 Methods of Ensuring Costly Information Breaches Don’t Happen to You

When you think of information security breaches, it might bring to mind hackers breaking into computers, stolen corporate laptops and cell phones that contain sensitive data, and accidental malware installation. .

Are You Following the FTC’s Disposal Rule? A 2012 Refresher for Businesses, Financial Institutions and Medical Offices

How would you rate your organization in terms of complying with the FTC’s Disposal Rule and properly disposing of confidential paperwork and sensitive data? If you’re not 100% confident that you would receive an A+ (or that.

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