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Atlanta (30301) Shredding Company

Certified Atlanta Paper Shredding

Eagle Secure Shredding strives to be the Atlanta document shredding company that security minded businesses in the Atlanta area, and all of Georgia, prefer to use. We are NAID AAA certified, and are insured and bonded. If you have a need to keep your customers’, employees’ or company confidential information secure, we are the shredding service partner and provider for you.

Eagle Secure Shredding, a mobile shredding company in Atlanta, GA, is one of the leading providers of secure shredding services in Georgia and the Southeast.

Depending on your shredding needs, we offer two paper shredding services: scheduled shredding and purge/clean out shredding:

Regularly Scheduled 30301 Onsite Shredding Services:

If your office frequently needs to dispose of sensitive material, we'll work with you to set up a scheduled shredding service. You'll receive an affordable compliance solution from a responsive and reliable business partner.

Eagle Secure Shredding has the most flexible scheduled service options of any on site shredding company in Atlanta. To get started, we'll set you up with collection containers and schedule weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or even less frequent service to meet your needs.

One-Time Purge/Clean Out Shredding Services:

Our purge service is intended for businesses of all sizes that need to periodically clean out paper taking up valuable office or storage space. We at Eagle Secure Shredding will send a truck and crew to your place of business or storage facility and get rid of the unwanted documents quickly and efficiently.

As your partner in information security, you'll receive the following benefits from working with us:

  • Confidence knowing all shredding is done in our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks
  • Mobile shredding means we come to you
  • All shredding is done on site, under your supervision
  • An optional video of the destruction process
  • A complimentary Certificate of Destruction to file away for any future audit needs

We're different from other Atlanta shredding companies. We strive to be more than just a mobile paper shredding vendor, but a partner who works with you to meet your compliance and security requirements. And if you need an extra layer of security, our proprietary chain of custody software and hardware solution is available, so you can monitor just when your containers are being opened.

We're proud to serve the Atlanta community. Call us today at 706-534-9628 today to discuss your shredding needs.

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